keryflex nail restoration

The Keryflex™ Nail Restoration System is an innovative new solution available to treat toenails damaged by fungus, infection, or injury and restore them to their original appearance. Keryflex™ utilizes polymer resins that bond to the damaged toenail to form an artificial nail that is durable, flexible, and natural in appearance. The painless procedure typically takes about 15 minutes to perform and can be done in the comfort of the office.

The Keryflex™ Nail Restoration System involves preparing the nail bed by removing the damaged nail. A bonding agent is then applied to the nail bed. Following this, the Keryflex™ resin is applied to the nail bed. The resin, which is gel-like in consistency, can then be smoothed and shaped to imitate a natural nail. Once the resin has been properly shaped, the Keryflex™ sealant is applied to seal the Keryflex™ nail and make it non-porous and non-permeable. The entire Keryflex™ nail is then hardened via ultraviolet light, ensuring that it has been restored to its natural appearance.

The Keryflex™ Nail Restoration System allows for the patient to immediately return to regular daily activities post-procedure. Patients may also receive pedicures or apply nail polish to their Keryflex™ nail.

The Keryflex™ Nail Restoration System can be used to treat:

  • Onychomycosis
  • Discolored nails
  • Brittle and splitting nails
  • Damaged nails
  • Spoon-shaped nails
  • Horizontal ridges

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